ALBUM: Da Muziqal Chef – Just A Taste (Extended Play)

ALBUM: Da Muziqal Chef – Just A Taste (Extended Play)


Da Muziqal Chef Just A Taste Album Download

In an electrifying update for Amapiano enthusiasts and dance music aficionados alike, the prodigious Da Muziqal Chef has officially dropped his latest project, an Extended Play (EP) titled “Just A Taste.” This meticulously crafted piano package is a showcase of Da Muziqal Chef‘s adeptness in blending beats, creating a rhythm that promises to resonate with fans and newcomers to the genre. Spanning a total of nine tracks, this EP is a testament to the vibrant collaborations and the dynamic fusion of talents in the Amapiano scene.

Just A Taste” brings together an array of musical maestros, featuring standout performances from MalumNator, Njelic, Aymos, De Mthuda, Azana, Eemoh, Daliwonga, Sam Deep, and Mzizi, among others. Each artist contributes their unique flavor to the EP, making it a diverse and rich auditory experience. The inclusion of these artists not only amplifies the EP’s allure but also highlights the collaborative spirit that defines the Amapiano movement.

Tracks within the EP span a range of emotions and vibes, from upbeat tempos designed to get listeners moving, to more soulful melodies that showcase the depth and versatility of Da Muziqal Chef’s production skills. Fans of the genre can expect a mix of instrumental brilliance, captivating vocals, and rhythms that pulse with the heart of South African dance floors.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef & Eemoh ft De Mthuda & Sam Deep – Ubumnandi

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef & MaWhoo – Ngino Mona

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef ft Azana – Hlala Nawe

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef & MalumNator ft Njelic, Aymos & De Mthuda – Phendula

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda & Mzizi – Tshepo Ke TSHEPO

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef ft Eemoh – Mzwangedwa

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef & Azana ft De Mthuda – Seng’zwile

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef ft Daliwonga – Ama Pillow Talk

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Da Muziqal Chef & De Mthuda ft MalumNator – Stuff Sakhe

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