ALBUM: Josiah De Disciple – Kuzoba Ncono

ALBUM: Josiah De Disciple – Kuzoba Ncono

Josiah De Disciple – Kuzoba Ncono Mp3 Album Download.

Josiah De Disciple’s latest album, “Kuzoba Ncono,” stands as a compelling demonstration of his artistic vision and exceptional skill in music production. Renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the Amapiano genre, Josiah De Disciple expertly fuses traditional South African rhythms with soulful melodies, crafting a distinctive musical experience that captivates listeners worldwide.

Kuzoba Ncono” not only highlights Josiah De Disciple’s mastery in blending diverse sonic elements but also solidifies his reputation as a visionary producer and a formidable force in the music industry. Each track serves as a narrative chapter, reflecting his deep-rooted influences and innovative approach to music creation.

The album is enriched with lush soundscapes and intricate beats, making it a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and new listeners seeking to explore the genre’s rich textures and dynamic rhythms. Josiah De Disciple’s ability to maintain the core of Amapiano while introducing fresh, emotive undertones is particularly noteworthy, offering an evolving listening experience that appeals to both the heart and the dance floor.


1. Josiah De Disciple – Mesiya (feat. Nobuhle, Nue Sam & Jay Sax)

2. Josiah De Disciple & Ntokzin – Buyani (feat. Toshi)

3. Josiah De Disciple & Da Muziqal Chef – Mina (feat. MaZet SA)

4. Josiah De Disciple – Isililo (feat. Nobuhle)

5. Josiah De Disciple – Memeza (feat. Khanya De Vocalist & KingTalkzin)

6. Josiah De Disciple & Buhlebendalo – Cwaka

7. Josiah De Disciple & Omit ST – Show Me (feat. Murumba Pitch & Lioness Ratang)

8. Josiah De Disciple & JanDeKid – Khetheyakho (feat. Teejay, Emoji SA & Nomtha Welanga)

9. Josiah De Disciple – iNtombi (feat. Maline Aura)

10. Josiah De Disciple – Hamba ne Dlozi (feat. HENNYBELIT)

11. Josiah De Disciple, Stixx & Soul Jam – Wena K’phela (feat. Leandra.Vert)

12. Josiah De Disciple & Jimmy Dludlu – Winds Of Change

13. Josiah De Disciple – Guitar Dance (feat. Thami Gtr, Zwayetoven & Sfarzo Rtee)

14. Josiah De Disciple – The Breeze (feat. Joshinho & Soul Jam)

15. Josiah De Disciple & Stixx – Nonthuthuzelo (feat. HENNYBELIT & Zwayetoven)

16. Josiah De Disciple & Stixx – Kuzoba Ncono (feat. Leandra.Vert & Soul Jam)

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