ALBUM: Mordecai – Whispers of Love

ALBUM: Mordecai – Whispers of Love


Mordecai Whispers of Love Album Download

In the vibrant realm of dance music, a new gem has emerged that’s capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Mordecai, a name that’s becoming synonymous with captivating beats and soulful melodies, has just unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Whispers of Love.” This project is not just an album; it’s an auditory journey into the essence of love, conveyed through the universal language of music.

Spanning eight tracks, “Whispers of Love” is a meticulously crafted piano package that showcases Mordecai’s prowess in blending traditional piano sounds with contemporary dance music rhythms. But what makes this project stand out is the array of talented artists who have joined forces with Mordecai to bring this vision to life. The album features collaborations with some of the most promising talents in the scene, including Djy TT, Nkanyezii, Ora N, Tswalo, Tumelo_za, Thesiix, Katlego Vocals, and Djy Bless.

Each track in the project offers a unique auditory experience, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and musical influences of the collaborators. From the soul-stirring beats of Djy TT to the enchanting vocals of Katlego Vocals, “Whispers of Love” is a testament to the power of collaboration in creating something truly magical.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai – Love? (Intro)

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai ft Nkanyezii – Buya Lah

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai ft Ora N & Tswalo – Come duze

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai ft Tumelo_za – Impande ye sono (interlude)

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai ft Nkanyezii, Thesiix & Katlego Vocals – Love song!

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai – Citi Rox

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai & Nkanyezii ft Djy Bless – Sondela

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mordecai ft Djy TT – Tjo x2!!!!

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