De’KeaY – Jule Ken My [ALBUM]

De’KeaY Jule Ken My Album Download

De’KeaY Jule Ken My Album Download

De’KeaY, the talented South African music producer, recently unveiled his latest Amapiano musical masterpiece, aptly titled “Jule Ken My.” This exciting project boasts a comprehensive collection of thirteen dynamic tracks, showcasing De’KeaY’s signature sound and creative prowess.

The album is not just a solo endeavor, as De’KeaY has collaborated with an array of esteemed artists to elevate the musical experience. The featured artists include Livin SZ, Kid Blu, Kay De Mellow, Boontle RSA, Vinquet SA, Calvin Shaw, Thato TT, OK. Mulaa, Don Tella, and several other notable talents, each adding their unique flair to the project.

Jule Ken My” is a fusion of diverse musical styles, with the infectious beats of Amapiano serving as the driving force. De’KeaY has masterfully curated a musical journey that takes listeners through a sonic landscape filled with rhythm, melody, and the unmistakable energy of South African music.

From Livin SZ’s soulful contributions to Kid Blu’s rap verses, the collaborative effort of these artists adds depth and dimension to each track. Boasting an impressive lineup of talents, the album promises to be a must-listen for Amapiano enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kid Blu – Abadala

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kay De Mellow – BOB

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY – Don’t Wait For Me

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY – Havard Musiek

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Livin SZ – In Too Deep

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Boontle RSA, Vinquet SA & Calvin Shaw – Ithemba

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY – Jule Ken My

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Thato TT & Kid Blu – Lemonade

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft OK. Mulaa & Don Tella – Nayi’2

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kid Blu & Livin SZ – Phambil

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kid Blu – Sakho Simnande

12. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kid Blu – Siya Phinda

13. DOWNLOAD MP3: De’KeaY ft Kay De Mellow – Spaan Way


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