Locco Musiq – Undisputed [Ep]

Locco Musiq Undisputed EP Download

Locco Musiq Undisputed EP Download

Renowned South African musical artist, widely recognized by the moniker Locco Musiq, has recently unveiled a sensational Amapiano masterpiece titled “Undisputed.” This highly anticipated project comprises a rich collection of eight meticulously crafted songs, each showcasing Locco Musiq’s signature style and musical prowess.

What sets “Undisputed” apart is its impressive array of collaborations with some of the most prominent names in the Amapiano scene. The album features dynamic partnerships with Agzo, Mender_ZA, NerdFND, Trouis, N & F Lectures, Boske Tee, El Fizo, Shane907, Kota Natives, Kapman, Stapura, Star RSA, Stillow, and Lungstar. The fusion of these diverse talents promises a unique and multifaceted musical experience for fans and enthusiasts alike.

Locco Musiq’s ability to seamlessly blend his musicality with the distinct styles of each collaborator adds depth and variety to “Undisputed.” From energetic beats to soulful melodies, the album explores the vast spectrum of Amapiano, ensuring a captivating journey for listeners from start to finish.

As the latest addition to Locco Musiq’s discography, “Undisputed” not only solidifies his position in the Amapiano genre but also serves as a testament to his dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. With this project, he not only delivers a musical masterpiece but also establishes a collaborative platform for some of the industry’s brightest talents. Fans can expect an immersive and unforgettable experience as they delve into the sonic landscapes of “Undisputed,” where Locco Musiq’s artistic vision comes to life in harmony with the vibrant contributions of his fellow musicians.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Agzo & Mender_ZA – Buyele Khaya

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Agzo & Mender_ZA – Uzozisola

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft NerdFND & Trouis – Jazzin soul spm3

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft N & F Lectures – Tech Steb

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Boske Tee & El Fizo – Souls Empire

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Mender_ZA & Shane907 – Inner Space

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Kota Natives & NerdFND – Amazwi

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Locco Musiq ft Kapman, Stapura, Star RSA, Stillow & Lungstar – Pasop

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