L’V MusiQ – Our Turn [ALBUM]

L'V MusiQ Our Turn Album Download

L’V MusiQ Our Turn Album Download

L’V MusiQ Unveils Exciting New Amapiano Album “Our Turn” Featuring a Stellar Line-Up

In a thrilling update for Amapiano enthusiasts, South African musical sensation L’V MusiQ has just dropped a spectacular new album titled “Our Turn”. This latest project is a masterclass in the Amapiano genre, which has been taking the world by storm with its unique blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music rooted in South African sounds.

Our Turn” is a rich collection of twelve tracks, each showcasing L’V MusiQ’s exceptional talent and his ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly. The album is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the Amapiano scene, and L’V MusiQ’s role in shaping its future.

What makes “Our Turn” particularly exciting is the array of talented artists featured alongside L’V MusiQ. This album brings together a diverse mix of voices and styles, adding depth and variety to each track. Fans of the genre will be thrilled to see collaborations with notable names such as BONTHEKVNG, Lwamii, Musical Keys, Tøniii, Why01.1, Djy Hopza, DEMOLA, and Cee Jay Cool, among others. These collaborations highlight the communal spirit of Amapiano, with artists coming together to create something truly unique and captivating.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ – Dlala Kancane

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft Cee Jay Cool – Ishende

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ – Genetic Instinct

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft Cee Jay Cool – Sponono

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft DEMOLA – Green Skies

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft Lwamii & Musical Keys – Sexy

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ – Joy

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft Tøniii – Havard Hues

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ – Vuittoniii21

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft Why01.1 & Djy Hopza – Vula Amasango

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ – Pyh!

12. DOWNLOAD MP3: L’V MusiQ ft BONTHEKVNG – Rhythm and Poetry

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