Shuga Cane & Kmore SA – Grown and Groovy [EP]

Shuga Cane & Kmore SA – Grown and Groovy [EP]

Shuga Cane Grown and Groovy EP Download

In an electrifying fusion of talents, Amapiano aficionados Shuga Cane and Kmore SA have graced the music scene with their latest project, “Grown and Groovy.” This meticulously curated EP spans five tracks, each offering a unique blend of rhythmic beats and intoxicating melodies characteristic of the Amapiano genre.

The project sees the duo collaborating with a host of notable artists, bringing diverse flavors to the table. Featured on the EP are the talents of NtoMusica, MSY, and SayFar, alongside the soulful vocals of Themba Mbokazi, among others. This blend of artists contributes to the rich, layered soundscape that “Grown and Groovy” presents.

Each track on the EP showcases a different facet of Amapiano, from upbeat dance anthems to more laid-back, groovy tunes. Shuga Cane and Kmore SA have managed to create a project that not only pays homage to the roots of Amapiano but also pushes the genre forward, incorporating modern elements and innovative sound design.

Grown and Groovy” is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of Amapiano music, and it’s a must-listen for fans and newcomers to the genre alike. With its fusion of traditional African rhythms and contemporary electronic music, the EP is poised to make waves both locally and internationally.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Shuga Cane & Kmore SA ft MSY & SayFar – Groove Awakening

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Shuga Cane & Kmore SA ft Themba Mbokazi – Abadala

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Shuga Cane & Kmore SA ft NtoMusica – Ekuqcineni

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Shuga Cane & Kmore SA – Jig Saw 7

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Shuga Cane & Kmore SA – Godfathers

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