Zuko SA – UMKHONTO [Album]


Zuko SA UMKHONTO Album Mp3 Download

Zuko SA Debuts Soulful Gospel Album “UMKHONTO,” A Spiritual Odyssey in Music

Renowned South African musical artist, Zuko SA, has recently unveiled a captivating Soulful Gospel album titled “UMKHONTO.” This exquisite collection, comprising fourteen songs, transcends the boundaries of mere music to become a profound expression of Zuko SA’s artistic vision and his deep commitment to Gospel music.

In “UMKHONTO,” Zuko SA invites listeners on an inspiring spiritual journey, weaving an aura of worship and contemplative reflection through his music. The album’s title, which means “Spear” in English, hints at a musical experience that is both powerful and deeply moving, designed to strike a chord in the listener’s soul.

This remarkable project showcases an array of collaborations with some of the finest artists in the Gospel scene, including the likes of Nwabisa G, Xowla, Zitulele, and the celebrated Vusi Nova, among others. Each artist brings their unique vocal and musical style to the album, enriching the Gospel narrative with diverse tones and textures. These collaborations result in a harmonious fusion of voices, elevating the album’s emotional and spiritual resonance.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Intro

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Andindedwa

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Umkhonto

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Dali weh

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Bambi Sandla Sam

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA ft Vusi Nova – Andikalibali

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA ft Zitulele – Umthandazo

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Amandla Akho

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Ndingakuthanda

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Kuninzi

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Empini

12. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA ft Nwabisa G – Iqhawe Lam

13. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA ft Nwabisa G – Be Patient With Me

14. DOWNLOAD MP3: Zuko SA – Kokoko

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